Sample Books

These seven samples of Pyramid Publishers books are chosen to demonstrate the types of books we publish and what our authors wanted to accomplish by printing them. Looking at them, you may get an idea of what you could do with your own book, or you could contact us (at no cost) to query a book you'd like to publish. Not every book should be published, and we'll be the first to tell you if your book doesn't match up with a purpose and an audience. Of course, we're in the business to publish books, but we don't want to put out books that don't fulfill what our authors want to accomplish.

All books are available to buy on Amazon, the leading seller of books in the world, and on other on-line book stores. Some books are available in selected bookstores, and many of the books have been sold by the authors at various signing events, seminars, workshops, book fairs, libraries, and organizations that are interested in the topic of the book. 

This award-winning author had been published by other houses in the past, but she wanted to work with someone who would be more involved with the writing and promotion of her newest book.

She signed a contract with us in which we paid all up-front costs of this book, and she received a royalty for every book sold. Many of her books, however, were sold by her at book fairs and personal appearances to libraries and other public and private venues. For these sales, we shared the profits on a 50-50 basis.

We also worked with her on getting on-line reviews and helping her promote the book on-line, through her websites, and at book fairs and other personal appearances.  

This book is available in paperback and digital formats. 

Do you have a book in you about your experiences that could be helpful for others to read? The author of this book experienced four years of deepest, darkest depression and lived to tell about his marvelous recovery. 

There are three target audiences for this book:

1. Men and women suffering from depression who are looking for help.

2. Those who have friends or loved ones with depression who want to learn how to be of help. 

3. Caregivers who interact with the depressed, such as ministers and counselors.

This book is available in paperback and digital formats. 

Here's an example of a book written for a specific purpose - to be handed out free to inmates in county jails and residents of alcoholic and drug rehab facilities.

More than 1,000 of these books are given out each year by True Freedom Ministries, which is funded by donations from churches and individuals.

Maybe you're a business or agency that would like to publish a book about the history of your company or one that tells the stories of successful employees or a hardcover of best practices in your market or catchment area.

The book is available in paperback and digital formats.

This book was written by a Christian psychotherapist who uses it for workshops and seminars he gives in several states.

If you are a workshop presenter, a teacher who wants to publish his or her own book for classes, or someone who wants something to leave behind after a sales presentation (for example), a hardcover or paperback book may be just the thing. 

Handouts are OK, but a printed book gives a much more professional image. The benefit of working with Pyramid Publishers is that you don't need to print a thousand copies of your book. We offer POD (Print on Demand) printing in which you can order exactly the number of books you need at any point. ​

This book is available in paperback and digital formats

This  author has a number of followers who are interested in his preaching and teaching. He publishes books for them, but isn't  much interested in promoting them to a larger audience. He had worked with self-publishing houses in the past, but they were not responsive, transparent, or forthcoming. Plus, they kept telling him they needed more money to print his  book. 

A minister in a local church told Allen's nephew that Pyramid Publishers would be a better fit because the owner was a committed Christian and would not rip him off. This was the first in a series of five books Allen Linn has had published by us. When we deliver the finished books to him, his response  is generally something like, "This book turned out much better than I ever thought it would."

Available in paperback only. 

This is an example of a family biography and genealogy. Ida Lantto Schroeder was the matriarch of a close-knit family. Her son promised himself  he'd publish this book one day but never got around to it. Over a golf round with the owner of Pyramid Publishers, he came to realize we were the solution to his dilemma.

Because this was a labor of love, the son wanted only the best, which meant a hardcover book with a jacket cover. The genealogy pages were especially difficult to get everything to match up vertically in the right generation. It was a layout specialist's nightmare, but she was up to the task and everything lined up perfectly in the end.  

When the book was ready for printing, he ordered 30 copies that he distributed to members of his family who proudly placed them in a their book- shelves of treasured books. 

Available in hard cover only. 

I only wanted one copy of this book, so I went without professional artists for design and layout. I worked off templates for the cover and interior, and I did all the sizing of the book, the layout of extra-wide margins, the choice of a font, and the alignment of all the pieces to give a consistent and professional look. 

It took more than four hours to get the book ready for printing, which included all the above plus taking a Word document and converting it into a PDF and uploading it into the forms required by the printer. It took three proofs until I got it exactly the way I wanted it. I now have my one book on my desk,  and it's also available on for purchase. Put the name of the book into the Amazon search slot on top to see the covers,  title page,  and the format of a couple pages.

For a bit more than four hours of work that I put into this project, I printed a book I could purchase wholesale for $2.15 plus shipping. You could do the same thing if you wanted to learn the process (which will take you a lot more than four hours) … or you could hire Pyramid Publishers to do the work for you.