I took early retirement from a career in business and education, finishing my career as Dean of Instruction at a community college. I soon found that reading books, playing golf a couple times a week, and morning coffee with friends didn't fulfill a life of meaning for me, as work had. 


After a season of dissatisfaction with retirement and a bout of serious depression, I started writing a book called Too Late in the Afternoon. Suddenly, busyness, meaning and self-fulfillment came back into my life. When I finished the book, I soon found no publisher or agent wanted to pick it up. I discovered a publishing firm in Minneapolis that was all too glad to self-publish the book for me for a price of $1,600. 


Since that time, I have written seven more books and learned enough about publishing in the meantime to start up my own publishing firm.  


I incorporated Pyramid Publishers LLC  in 2012 as an independent book publisher, but I didn't want to hire an office-full of professionals like the self-publishing firm that did my first book. Over the course of the past few years, I have found a network of independent contractors for editing, design, layout, proofreading, and marketing. I have also learned how to design and format myself with professional-looking templates.

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With no overhead to speak of, Pyramid Publishers can publish a book for you for as little as $200, or a bit more if you want editing, extra design, distribution, and marketing help. We can take your book from concept to manuscript to print-ready cover and interior to listing on Amazon and other on-line booksellers to support in marketing and promoting your book.  


Let's talk about your book at no cost to you. You can find out for FREE how easy and cost-effective self-publishing a book with Pyramid Publishers can be.  

Patrick Day