Have you always wanted to see a book of yours in print?  

You've finished your career or are nearing the end of it. What are you going to do in retirement?


How about writing a book? You've thought about it. Your friends have maybe said you should. You've got time on your hands that you don't know what to do with.


Perhaps the problem is that you just don't know where to start. If your name isn't James Patterson or John Grisham, you won't have a publisher willing to take you on. You could find an agent if you're famous enough or if your book is guaranteed to sell at least 10,000 copies. But agents are not likely to take on an unknown author.  

That leaves you with publishing your own book. But where do you start? What will it cost? And when you finish the book, will you have to order a thousand copies to keep the cost per book down?

Pyramid Publishers has the answer to those questions. We'll publish your book for you for as little as $200. And you  won't have to order a thousand copies. With the printers we use, the cost of each book you order will be less than $5, whether you order one book or 1,000. 



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