Would you like to have more say in the publishing of your books and more of a return than royalties? 

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Partnership Publishing is when you enter into an arrangement with a publisher to split net income instead of  receiving a royalty for each book - at no cost to you by the way. 


What's the catch, you might ask? Do you share in the expenses of publishing your book? NO! The publisher stands all costs of publishing your book from the original manuscript to setting up the title, to the book published and available for sales and distribution.

Are you involved in how the book is presented. YES. You have a say in book size, design, format, type font, title set up (including short and full descriptions of the book), and distribution channels. That's the partnership part.


How about the marketing and advertising? Do you have to pay any of those costs up front? NO! The publisher pays those, which then show up as expenses moving from gross profit to net profit.  


Are you involved in the marketing and advertising? YES! In fact, that's the key element of the partnership. The publisher needs to sell 1,000 copies of your book to break even on time and expenses. Your subject matter expertise, knowledge of your market, social media connections and sites, networking contacts, and everything else you bring to successfully launch a book become your main contribution to this partnership.


Maybe this is for you; maybe it isn't. But it's worth exploring. Just fill out the form on this page to start a consultation. Any cost to that? NO! Any risk on your part? NO!   

What's the split in the partnership? What percent do you get? What percent does the publisher get? That depends on who you are, what your platform is, the subject matter of your book, and the nature of your marketplace.  



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